Gold Buying

For the best value on Unwanted Gold, Scrap Gold, Gold Coins, and Gold Bullion, we invite you to visit our shop located in Sherwood, Nottingham

As a small independent family-run shop with over 20 years experience in the gold market, we stand out from other gold buyers in Nottingham.

Operating outside of the city centre allows us to benefit from lower rents and reduced advertising costs. As a result, we are able to offer you a higher price compared to other Cash Shops or jewellers in the area.

By keeping our overhead costs low, we pass the savings on to you, ensuring that you receive a better price for your gold!

To assess your jewellery accurately and without damaging it, we employ X-Ray testing instead of traditional acid testing or filing. This non-intrusive method allows us to provide precise evaluations, especially for higher karat jewellery. We also have other traditional methods of testing gold and silver, allowing us to give expert knowledge and advice on your items.

We eagerly anticipate your visit to our Cash Shop, where our knowledgeable staff will be ready to assist you.

To complete a transaction with Money Magnet, all customers are required to register with us and provide three forms of identification (ID).

When selling items to Money Magnet, customers must be 18 years of age and are required to provide any three forms of ID from the following list:

Preferred ID:

  • Passport
  • Photo Driver’s License
  • Employer’s Photo Security Card
  • European Photo ID Card

Accepted ID (must be within 3 months of issue):

  • Utility Bill (Gas, Water, Electric)
  • Bank or Building Society Statement
  • Official Printed Letter (Social Security, Council, or Solicitors)
  • Official Statement (Credit Card, Loan, HP)
  • Credit Agreement
  • TV Licence
  • NHS Medical Card
  • Contract of Employment
  • Telephone Bill
  • Other Bills (with name and address)

Other forms of ID may be considered. Once registered, customers only need to update their ID in the event of a change of circumstances (such as an address or name change). Money Magnet may conduct periodic reviews to reconfirm current status. Please note that we only accept original forms of ID; photocopies will not be accepted.