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Gold Buying

For the best price on Unwanted Gold, Scrap Gold, Gold Coins and Gold Bullion come and visit our Cash Shop in Sherwood Nottingham


Unlike many gold buyers in Nottingham, we are a small independent family run Money Shop who operate outside of the city centre. With much lower rents and advertising bills we are therefore able to offer you a higher price than any other Cash Shop or jeweller in Nottingham.

We keep our costs down so you can get a better price!

We are able to test your jewellery with X-Ray testing which doesnt mark your jewellery like traditional acid and filing will.

Which means we can be accurate with our price when testing higher karat jewellery.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

ID Requirements

All customers entering into a transaction with the Money Magnet are required to register with us and provide 3 forms of ID.

When selling items to the Money Magnet, any 3 forms of ID from the list below are required. Customers entering into these agreements must be 18 years of age.

Preferred ID:

  • Passport
  • Photo Drivers Licence
  • Employers Photo Security Card
  • European Photo ID Card

Accepted ID (Must be within 3 months of issue):

  • Utility Bill (Gas, Water, Electric)
  • Bank or Building Society Statement
  • Official Printed Letter (Social Security, Council or Solicitors)
  • Official Statement (Credit Card, Loan, HP)
  • Credit Agreement
  • TV Licence
  • NHS Medical Card
  • Contract of Employment
  • Telephone Bill
  • Other Bills (with name & address)

Other forms of ID may be considered. Once registered, customers need only to update their ID in a change of circumstances (change of address, change of name etc). Periodic reviews may be implemented by Money Magnet to re-confirm current status. Original forms of ID only, photocopies are not accepted.

0115 9620022